Message from The President

We MTAT manufacture parts that are  key component parts for automobiles, such as drives and chassis.
With that, under the motto “quality first.”  Our commitment to sincerity and dedication to the following allows us to continue to earn trust and confidence from our customers.
1. Commitment to integrated production system from blank making to machining and
assembly, as our main pillar of manufacturing;
2. Creating one and only technologies and techniques through enhanced technological
development efforts; and
3. Systematically implementing measures dedicated to development of human
resources to improve leadership and problem-solving skills, with increased awareness that employees are our greatest asset.
Our goal is to advance and grow as a development / proposal-type corporation that takes the needs of customers into consideration in advance. We emphasize contributions to society and conservation of the environment, contributions to people in people in regional communities and around the world.
MTAT continues to work toward the realization of its company purpose “contribute to customers through sincere and dedicated manufacturing and aim at coexistence and development with society” with our utmost effort toward the future.
President : Kenichi Sugiura